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Application deadlines depend on the country of choice. As an international student, if you plan to study in Europe in 2023, it is important to start earlier in order to meet the application deadlines of these European universities. Basically, for some schools in Europe, you might need to submit your application 9 months before the start of the term.

This also depends on if you need a student visa. In order to start studying in Autumn in 2023, the applications might close as early as January 2023. While some others might close in July 2023 or even August or September.

Application Deadlines for Autumn/ Winter Semester 2023

We have compiled the European university application deadlines to make it easier to consider where to apply.


Most schools in Austria have their application deadlines falling between June to September 2023.  This depends on the university. For some universities, the master’s students that need financial aids are given more time for their application submission.


Most universities in Belgium have their deadline on June 1, 2023, for students from the EU or EEA. However, for the students who do not fall within the EEA countries, the deadlines are in February/March.

Czech Republic

Most universities in the Czech Republic have an application deadline between February and April.


For students applying for a bachelor’s degree in Denmark, most universities have an application deadline of March 15, 2023. For master’s students, the application deadline for different universities varies for different courses.


For the students that are from EEA/ EU countries applying to study in Estonia, the deadline are March and June 2023. Although the dates are set earlier for the non-EEA students.


Most universities in France have their deadlines between February and April 2023.


In Germany, the deadlines are different especially for international students who need the study visa, but most universities and programs have their deadlines on July 15, 2023.


The Hungarian universities have their deadlines for February and May 2023


In Iceland, the deadline varies by university and program, but most of them are between January and April 2023.


For Bachelor’s degree, the priority deadline is February 1, 2023. The good news with applying to Ireland is that late applications can still be accepted in certain situations.


In Italy, for international students, the deadline is earlier than the general deadline given to other students. The general deadline varies by university, but most universities fall between May to July.


Most universities in Latvia have their application deadlines set for May/June 2023


Most universities in Lithuania have their application deadlines for June/July 2023.


The deadline for most of the universities in the Netherlands is from April 1/May 1. For some of the universities in the Netherlands, assistance for accommodation is made available for those that apply early.


The universities in Poland have different deadlines depending on the program of choice, but most of these deadlines are from July to August.


For Spain, the deadline varies by the requirements of the university. Some of the deadlines can be as early as January, while some others can be as late as July. It all depends on the university and program of choice.


 In Sweden, there are different deadlines for registration and submission. Intending students are to register their application by January 16, 2023. Students are to submit all their documents and pay their application fees by February 1, 2023.


In Switzerland, generally the international students have an earlier application deadline. The non-international students on the other hand, have their deadline from February to April.

United Kingdom

In the UK, for the bachelor’s degree, the deadline is in January, and the vacant spaces are usually filled via their clearing applications from July to October 2023. For the Master’s and postgraduate studies however, some universities still accept applications till the summer. FreMost of the popular courses in the UK are often filled much earlier than the deadline date.

We hope this article has been helpful in your application process and given insights into the needed information. 

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