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At JAPA PARTNERS, we’re committed to handling all your relocation plans, whether as individuals or as a family. We have experience in all services listed below:

Immigration to Canada

At, we have the best immigration lawyers and RCIC with top-notch experience in the immigration sector. We can help you migrate to Canada through the various pathways open to immigrants.

Flights and Hotel Bookings

We handle it all. We source for the most affordable and convenient flight and hotel options for our clients hoping to relocate for study, work, or even permanently. No, you won't find yourself with the wrong suitcase in another man's land or discover no bookings have been made in your name. No mishaps, no broken promises… seamless and easy Japa.

Luxury travel and benefits

We realize that our clients deserve the best travel deals and packages. That is why we deploy our skills, resources, and updated knowledge base in helping them achieve their goals.

Study Visas processing

At MyJapa, we understand university admission processing can be strenuous and filled with tension and uncertainties.
Through our updated and current information guide, we equip clients to make the right decision on their choice of institution. We also give you access to the most competitive prices available.
Believe us when we say, there’s a lot for you to find out just how POSSIBLE it is to Japa with what you have…*winks*

Transcripts processing

When you graduated, you probably vowed not to step into the four walls of your university again. Who can blame you? Frankly, we get it.
In the wrong hands, processing your transcript can quickly become a drawn-out process fraught with so much frustration and unnecessary spending. That's why we have stepped in. We have a transparent system to help clients with the transcript application procession from start to finish and in the shortest possible time too.
We do the groundwork for you... Your trusted foot soldiers!


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