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Australia creates images of vast outback landscapes and iconic wildlife like kangaroos and koalas, with clean air and pristine waters. We see a lot of wild encounter stories on social media (sometimes exaggerated)! But Australia offers so much more than these familiar stereotypes. Astute international students are increasingly choosing Australia for its welcoming atmosphere, world-class education system, and the high standard of living it provides. In this article, we will look at the seven (7) top Australian schools.

According to global ratings and rankings such as Times Higher Education World University RankingsImpact Rankings and QS World University RankingsAustralia holds a worldwide recommendation with the best and highly rated universities, high-quality education, and global reputation. The schools also provide great student experiences for international students. 


Australia is a popular destination for international students, and for good reason! Here are some of the top reasons to consider studying there:

  • Excellent Education: Australian universities are among the best globally, offering a high-quality education on practical skills and real-world learning.
  • Diverse and Welcoming Culture: Australia is a welcoming, multicultural country where you can experience diverse cultures and meet people from all other parts of the world.
  • Internationally Recognized Degrees: An Australian degree is recognized and respected by employers globally This gives you a competitive edge in the job market.
  • Relatively Affordable Living Costs: Australia offers a good quality of life for a reasonable cost. You may also be able to work part-time while you study to help offset your living expenses.
  • Beautiful Natural Landscapes: Australia is famous for its stunning beaches, national parks, and unique wildlife. You will have plenty of opportunities to explore the outdoors and enjoy the sunshine.
  • Friendly People: Australians are friendly and laid-back. You are sure to feel welcome and at home in Australia.

Which Australian School is Right for You? Top 7 Australian Schools for International Students

These are the top seven (7) Australian schools in various areas such as Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Arts and Humanities, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Management.

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney

The University of New South Wales boasts excellent teaching and practical research programmes with hands-on experience in any discipline. There are Internship/Mentorship opportunities and chances to explore potential and strengths. Also, over $ 83 million worth of scholarships are available yearly, and the average international student fee is around 45,030 AUD yearly. International applicants must pay an application fee of $125 to begin their applications. The graduates are among the most employable globally with adequate industry exposure, making them leaders in their chosen fields.

University of Melbourne:

The school offers world-class education with exceptional academic programmes and syllabuses that would produce well-rounded and efficient professionals equipped to solve immediate challenges. The average international student fee is 44,632 AUD yearly. International applicants must pay an application fee of $120 to begin their applications.

University of Sydney:

The University of Sydney is known for its graduate employability and experience, exposure to excellent education, career support and industry connections. The school’s ability to attract and retain the brightest minds is notable. About $ 105 million worth of scholarships and prizes are available yearly. The average international student fee is 45,500 AUD yearly.

More Australian Schools for International Students

Macquarie University:

This university is located at the heart of Sydney, Australia’s largest high-tech precinct and has about 10,000 international students with opportunities for engagement with global bodies. It offers a range of academic programmes, with about 496 undergraduate and 215 postgraduate programmes across several disciplines.

University of Adelaide:

With several credits and novel achievements in producing many firsts Nobel Prize Winners and a prime location in Adelaide, this is a perfect choice for international applicants whose destination is Australia. The average international student fee is put at around 50,000 AUD yearly.

University of Queensland:

This university prides itself in making its students/graduates innovative thinkers and leaders. They are also known for excellence in research and teaching. The average international student fee at the University of Queensland is 45,000 AUD yearly.

University of Western Australia:

The school is known for its excellent cutting-edge research projects and international collaborations. The university offers the Global Excellence Scholarship, which provides high-achieving undergraduate students with up to $48,000 over four years on eligible undergraduate courses and up to $24,000 over two years on eligible postgraduate courses. Additionally, the institution provides scholarships to students from various countries, further promoting a diverse student community at UWA. The average international student fee at the University of Queensland is 57,000 AUD yearly.

These top-ranked Australian schools have a lot to offer future international students. I hope you have found this list helpful in narrowing down what schools best suit your needs!


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