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I believe some of you have started your scholarship processing based on the information I shared on scholarships in my first series, Top Scholarships in the United Kingdom for Nigerians. If you haven’t read the first series, please find it here

If you have been reading along, remember that the first series states the basic requirements needed to apply. We discussed the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship and Commonwealth Scholarship. Read more. Today, we will discuss two scholarships: the AS Hornby Educational Trust scholarship and the Chevening scholarship.

Top Scholarships in The United Kingdom for Nigerians

British Chevening Scholarships is one of the top scholarships in the United Kingdom

Chevening Scholarships is a prestigious global scholarship that enables future leaders to enrol in one-year master’s programs at prestigious UK universities in any subject. The Chevening Scholarships aims to assist students in accomplishing their academic and career objectives.

The application process is straightforward. However, expert advice is essential in writing essays. It is vital to present yourself effectively due to the high level of competition for this scholarship. Apart from showcasing your academic prowess, aim to present a polished resume and exhibit authenticity during the interview. For further guidance and information on what to expect during the interview! Contact us here for personalized advice.

If I haven’t already told you, you must receive an admission offer from the university of your choice to apply for a Chevening scholarship. For us, receiving an admissions offer from a UK institution is a piece of cake.

Benefit of Applying to one of the top scholarships in the United Kingdom

Being chosen has a lot of advantages, such as fully paid tuition, access to some of the world’s best educational programs, networking opportunities, and the ability to experience the rich cultural diversity of the UK. After receiving your scholarship, you’ll network with previous Chevening scholars and become a part of a diverse community of over 55,000 alumni worldwide.

But that’s not all. After you complete your program, you will have the knowledge and connections necessary to realize your ideas and advance your career when you return home.

Worth of the award:

  • Tuition for universities
  • A monthly allowance, as well as airfare to and from the UK
  • An allowance for arrival
  • A reimbursement for returning home
  • A travel stipend to attend UK Chevening events

Click here if you wish to be a Chevening scholar.

AS Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship 

Let’s now discuss the AS Hornby Educational Trust scholarship. 

The University of Exeter offers master’s degrees in English language teaching to English teachers and professionals. The AS Hornby Educational Trust Scholarship sponsors this scholarship. You must have a completed first degree and at least three years of full-time experience as an ELT to apply for the AS Hornby Educational Trust Award. To be considered for the Horny Educational Trust Scholarship, you must have a valid language test that demonstrates the university’s required level of English proficiency. Applicants for the AS Hornby Educational Trust Award will go through an interview, similar to Chevening. 

Benefits of the AS Hornby Educational Trust Award

The scholarship provides funding for one year of study, including a monthly stipend for living and accommodation costs, tuition costs, language test costs, return airfare, and visa expenses. The Hornby Scholarships assists experienced English language teachers who have the potential to make a significant future contribution to English language teaching and teachers in their respective countries.

One advantage of the scholarship opportunity is that it provides a stipend of at least £15,500 (N16.8 million) to cover beneficiaries’ accommodation and living expenses. It also provides a return international travel cost. If you are interested in this scholarship, we recommend starting your application as soon as possible because the deadline is approaching. 

Watch our Podcast on how the guest secured scholarships in the USA.


We explored more top scholarships in the United Kingdom for Nigerian students seeking postgraduate studies in the UK. We discussed the application process, eligibility requirements, and the incredible benefits of scholarships like Chevening and AS Hornby Educational Trust.
Don’t hesitate to revisit the previous article for details on the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarship and the Commonwealth Scholarship.

For further guidance and information on how to start your application, contact us here for personalized advice. We wish you the very best in your scholarship endeavours. Stay tuned for more informative content coming your way!


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