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Australia is a top choice for international students, with around 567,000 choosing it for good reasons. The country offers an excellent educational system, rich cultural diversity, and a robust economy for international students who want to study in Australia. Upon graduation, you can move to Australia permanently if you meet the requirements. The Australian government plans to increase the number of annual immigrants, giving international students more chances to gain permanent residency. However, getting into the programs that lead to permanent residency can be competitive, with only a few applicants selected each year.

Why Study in Australia?

Australia is the third most popular English-speaking country for international students, after the United States and the United Kingdom. It is a top choice due to:

  • Outstanding Education: Australian universities are recognized worldwide.
  • Friendly Locals: Australians are known for their kindness and hospitality.
  • Unique Culture: Experience a rich and diverse cultural environment.

Graduates from Australian universities are in high demand globally. The government ensures high education standards through strict regulation.

High Standard of Living and Affordable Costs

Australia offers a high standard of living with relatively affordable living and schooling costs. International students can also work part-time while studying to help cover their expenses.

Eligibility for Permanent Residency in Australia

Australia has many reputable universities offering various programs and specializations. Its top-notch infrastructure and high educational standards make it a popular choice for international students. Those who want to live, work, and seek permanent residency in Australia have several options.

Pathways to Permanent Residency

  • Post-Study Work Visa (Subclass 485): After studying in Australia for two years, graduates can apply for a post-study work visa, also known as the Graduate Temporary Visa. It allows them to stay and work in the country for 18 months to 4 years.
  • Graduate Temporary Visa: This visa is specifically for international students who wish to stay and work in Australia after completing their studies, offering them more time to gain experience and apply for permanent residency.

Australia’s Top 5 Career Fields(Courses) for PR

Many students choose courses abroad that help them secure jobs and permanent residency in the host country. Here are the top five career fields in Australia for obtaining PR:

  1. Engineering: Australia offers various engineering programs for international students. There is a high demand for engineers in manufacturing, energy, construction, and other sectors. An Australian engineering degree can open many doors.
  2. Accounting: Accounting is a popular field among international students in Australia. It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the country.
  3. Information and Computer Technology: Computer science is an excellent field for PR students in Australia. The corporate sector always needs IT professionals. There are many opportunities to study at top universities in Australia.
  4. Nursing: Australia is among the top ten countries globally in the healthcare sector. Nursing is a popular PR program for international students. There is a high demand for nurses, offering rewarding career opportunities and a path to permanent residency.
  5. Teaching and Education: Australia needs qualified and talented teachers. Completing education courses can make it easier to apply for PR.

These fields offer prospects for international students aiming for permanent residency in Australia.

FAQs on Getting PR in Australia

What are the top PR-eligible courses in Australia for 2024? The top PR-eligible courses in Australia for 2024 include Engineering, Accounting, Information and Computer Technology, Nursing, and Teaching and Education.

Why is Australia a preferred destination for international students? There are many reasons why Australians prefer living and studying in Australia, including its outstanding education system, friendly locals, and its unique cultural environment. Additionally, international students can work part-time while studying.

How can studying in Australia lead to permanent residency? Studying in Australia can lead to permanent residency through pathways like the Post-Study Work Visa (Subclass 485) and the Graduate Temporary Visa. These visas allow graduates to stay and work in Australia for an extended period, increasing their chances of obtaining PR.

What is the Post-Study Work Visa (Subclass 485)? The Post-Study Work Visa (Subclass 485), or the Graduate Temporary Visa, allows international students who have studied in Australia for at least two years to stay and work for 18 months to 4 years.

What career fields are most in demand for PR in Australia? The most in-demand career fields for PR in Australia include Engineering, Accounting, Information and Computer Technology, Nursing, and Teaching and Education.

Can international students work while studying in Australia? Yes, international students in Australia can work part-time while studying, which helps them cover their living expenses and gain valuable work experience.


Choosing to study in Australia is a significant step toward a promising career and a potential pathway to permanent residency. With its top-notch educational institutions, high standard of living, and diverse cultural environment, Australia offers an exceptional experience for international students. The country’s focus on in-demand career fields such as Engineering, Accounting, Information and Computer Technology, Nursing, and Teaching and Education provides graduates with numerous opportunities to secure employment and PR status.

By selecting the right PR-eligible course and meeting the necessary criteria, international students can seamlessly transition from academic life to professional careers, making Australia their permanent home. If you are considering studying abroad, Australia should be at the top of your list for its educational excellence and the potential it offers for a bright future.

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